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CONVENTIONAL -Rate of Rise & Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector Model 5351E

Product Description

The 5351E thermal detector forms part of the Series 300 range of conventional detectors. This range of detectors has been produced using the latest in manufacturing and design techniques, pushing out the boundaries of existing conventional detector technology. With its multitude of innovative features, the Series 300 is a detector which ‘acts conventionally, thinks intelligently’. The 5351E thermal detector incorporates an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Combined with the latest in thermal element technology the detector provides efficient and accurate detection of fires, especially in environments such as bars or kitchens where smoke detectors are inappropriate due to the high level of airborne contamination. The 5351E and other detectors in the Series 300 range are backward compatible with the Series 100 detector bases, thus providing the capability to upgrade, extend and maintain existing Series 100 installations.

Key Features

  • Low profile design
  • Low current draw
  • Backward compatible with Series 100 detector range of bases.
  • Wide operating voltage 8 to 30VDC
  • Bi-colour LED detector status indicator
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • Addressable feature
  • Advanced maintenance features via remote hand-held test unit
  • Range of detector bases available
  • Extended warranty
  • Tested and approved to EN54 – 5:2000 Class A1R (Amendment 1)

Architect/Engineer Specifications

5351E Rate of Rise & Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector Charles Avenue Burgess Hill RH15 9TQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1444 238820 Fax: +44 (0)1444 248123 Email: sse.technical@systemsensor.com www.systemsensoreurope.com System Sensor Europe (Technical Services) Copyright © 2005 System Sensor. All rights reserved. All technical data is correct at time of publication and is subject to change without notice. All trademarks acknowledged. Installation information: in order to ensure full functionality, refer to the installation instructions as supplied. In addition to the comprehensive programming tool, a simple laser based alarm test unit is also available. The coded signal transmitted by this device can instruct the detector to generate a full alarm condition at a range of up to 5 metres from the detector, and is an ideal tool for initial commissioning and routine system testing. A variety of detector bases can be used with the 5351E detector, providing application flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of Fire Alarm Control Panels. All bases are fitted with a shorting spring to permit circuit testing prior to fitting the detector and have a tamper resistant feature, which when activated prevents removal of the detector without the use of a tool. All System Sensor products are covered by our extended 3 year warranty