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Flexible, Faster Fault-Finding & Easier Installatio

Product Overview

Morley-IAS’s new modular range of Intelligent AV warning devices provides easier system confi guration and fl exibility. A common base across AV and detectors is available, allowing for easier installation and ordering. These devices are all available with isolators, providing you with a fl exible approach and allowing for easier fault-fi nding on the loop. please see page 4 for more details. Individual tone and volume settings and sounder tone synchronisation can be adjusted from the panel enabling the sound intensity to be adjusted to suit the application.The common installation base , B501AP is supplied with a shorting spring. This allows for the continuity of wiring to be tested before installing any devices. The Morley-IAS devices can then be fi tted at the fi nal commissioning stage, reducing the risk of damage during the fi rst fi x. At fi nal commissioning the device is simply twisted into the base and the installation is complete. This system provides a greater degree of fl exibility to system designers, provides a more robust solution and saves time for the installer as all devices are interchangeable without the need to disconnect or disturb the wiring.


  • Faster installation
  • Large cable access
  • Rear or surface cable entry
  • Loop continuity spring
  • Automatic synchronisation of sounder
  • Flexible installation
  • Low current draw enables more devices on loop
  • Adjustable volume control (on device or from panel)
  • Intense strobe output
  • Deep and high IP base options
  • Reduced install errors and easy fault fi nding
  • Positive “poke yoke” engagement
  • Address tag for clear indication
  • Anti-tamper feature
  • In-built isolation options
  • Simple familiar rotary wheel address controls

Key Features

  • Reduced full life costs
  • High quality robust materials for longer life
  • UV stable materials
  • Robust construction for added impact resistance
  • Reduced inventory count
  • Common base with detectors (B501AP)
  • Device protocol is backward compatible through inclusion SS CLIP Advanced Protocols
  • 32 tone selection to cover many markets (on device or from panel)
  • Excellent system performance
  • High effi ciency piezo disk and horn profi le generate excellent sound output
  • Advanced protocol enabled controllable sound output, tone selection.
  • High output LED technology and superior lens design optimize light outputs