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Optical Thermal Analogue Addressable Multisensor


The MI-PTSE multi sensor combines optical smoke detection, heat detection and microprocessor control with analogue addressable communications. For smoke detection the MI-PTSE incorporates an improved sensing chamber design, linked to sophisticated processing circuitry with smoothing filters. This helps to eliminate the transient environmental noise conditions which can be the cause of false alarms. The sensor's performance is further enhanced by the integration of special algorithms which automatically compensate for contamination of the sensing chamber. This enables the sensor to provide a consistent level of sensitivity and increased immunity to unwanted alarms.

Product Description

In combined modes of operation both the inputs from the optical and thermal sensors are processed using special algorithms before an alarm decision is made. If the presence of smoke is detected above a threshold value for a period of time, or if the heat sensor detects temperatures above 58°C then an alarm condition will be generated. In "heat only" mode only temperatures above 58°C will generate an alarm condition. The MI-PTSE includes 2 self governing sensitivity settings. Whilst operating in these modes the detector will automatically adjust to short term changes in it's environment, helping to reduce the potential of unwanted alarms through activities within the protected space. In areas where the normal daytime activities are likely to generate unwanted alarms the MI-PTSE can be programmed to operate in a "heat only" mode during the period of occupation and reverting to optical and thermal operation during the unoccupied period. The MI-PTSE offers performance flexibility coupled with superior environmental stability

Key Features

  • Optical and thermal sensors
  • Microprocessor controlled with internal algorithms
  • Enhanced signal processing for improved stability
  • High immunity to unwanted alarms
  • 2 autolearn sensitivity settings
  • 3 fixed sensitivity photo thermal settings
  • Thermal only detection mode
  • Twin LEDs for 360° visibility
  • Built-in test
  • Third party certified to CEA 4021, EN54-7:2000 and EN54-5:2000

Electrical & Mechanical

Voltage: +15 to +32Vdc
No communication: 250µA @ 24Vdc maximum
LED blink: 300µA @ 24Vdc maximum
Alarm current: 7mA @ 24Vdc maximum
Weight 115g
Colour Pantone warm grey 1C
Material Bayblend FR110
Terminal wire guage 2.5mm2 max
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Relative humidity 10% to 93%(noncondensing)


MOD400R Detector sensitivity test tool. Use with most analogue or digital multimeters
SMK400 Surface mounting kit provides for entry of surface wiring
RMK400 Recess mounting kit. For use with B501 only.
B501 Detector mounting base
B501IEFT Detector mounting base fitted with loop isolator
MI-PTSE Optical Thermal multi sensor