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MS-9600LS(E)/MS-9600UDLS(E) Intelligent Addressable FACP with Optional 2nd Loop

Product Description

Fire•Lite’s MS-9600LS(E) and MS-9600UDLS(E) are compact, cost effective, intelligent addressable FACPs (Fire Alarm Control Panels) with an extensive list of powerful features. The combination of Fire•Lite’s newer series devices and legacy 300 Series devices, along with the MS-9600LS(E) or MS-9600UDLSE FACP, offer the latest in fire protection technology. LiteSpeed™ is a patented technology that polls 10 devices at a time looking for new or different information. When new information is found at a specific address, the system polls that device several times for any new data. This improvement allows a fully loaded panel with up to 636 devices to report an incident and activate the notification circuits in under 10 seconds. With this new polling scheme, devices can be wired on standard twisted, unshielded wire up to a distance of 10,000 feet per loop. Each Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop supports up to 159 addressable detectors including photoelectric, photoelectric with heat, beam, ionization, photoelectric duct, fixed heat, fixed heat with rate-of-rise, and fixed high-heat detectors. It also supports up to 159 addressable modules including monitor (two-wire detector, normally open devices), dual-monitor functions (two monitor circuits from one module, two addresses used), multimonitor (multiple monitor circuits from one module, multiple addresses used), control (for Notification Appliance Circuits), and relay (two Form-C) modules.

Controls And Indicators

  • AC POWER (green)
  • FIRE ALARM (red)
  • SUPERVISORY (yellow)
  • ALARM SILENCED (yellow)
  • SYSTEM TROUBLE (yellow)
  • DISABLED (yellow)
  • BATTERY FAULT (yellow)
  • GROUND FAULT (yellow)

Key Features

  • Easy mount chassis
  • 7 amp switching power supply
  • Large enclosure allows 18 amp-hour batteries
  • DACT-UD2 plug-in communicator standard with MS-9600UDLS/E.
  • Optional IPDACT Internet Protocol Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter
  • Four Style Y (Class B) or two Style Z (Class A) NAC circuits
  • Selectable strobe synchronization per NAC for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex devices.
  • Automated control of ACC-25/50(ZS/T) audio speaker circuits

Field-programming Features

Off-line Programming: Create the entire program in your office using a Windows®-based software package (order programming kit PK-CD, containing PS-TOOLS, separately). Upload/download system programming locally to the MS-9600LS/E in less than one minute. Autoprogramming: Command the MS-9600LS(E) to program itself (takes less than 30 seconds). In the Auto-Program mode, the MS-9600LS(E) scans for all possible devices at all addresses, stores the device types, and addresses found, and then loads default values for all options (General Alarm). It also checks for two or more devices set to the same address. Online Editing: While still providing fire protection, the MS-9600LS/E may be programmed from the front panel. Simple menu trees displayed on the LCD allow the trained user to perform all functions without referring back to the programming manual. English Label Library: Quickly select labels from a standard library of more than 50 adjectives/nouns, such as “FLR 3 HALLWAY,” or enter custom labels letter-by-letter. Use recall function to repeat previously used label. Program Check: Automatically catch common errors, such as control modules not linked to any zone or input point.

Terminal Blocks

AC Power – TB1: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.0 amps or 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.5 amps. Wire size: minimum 14 AWG (2.00 mm²) with 600 V insulation. Battery (lead acid only) – TB2: Maximum charging circuit: Normal flat charge 27.6 VDC @ 1.0 amp. Maximum battery charger capacity: 26 AH. Minimum battery 12 AH. MS9600LS(E) cabinet holds maximum of two 18 AH batteries. For 26 – 120 AH batteries, use the CHG-120F or CHG-75 Battery Charger and BB-55F Battery Box. NOTE: Jumper JP3, on the FACP main circuit board, must be cut to disable the FACP battery charger when using the CHG-120F or CHG-75. Communication Loop – (standard) TB8: 24 VDC nominal, 27.6 VDC maximum. Maximum length: 10,000 ft. (3048 m) total twisted, unshielded pair length. Maximum loop current: 400 mA (short circuit) or 100 mA (normal). Maximum loop resistance: 40 ohms. Supervised and power-limited. Notification Appliance Circuits – TB4: Power-limited circuitry. Nominal operating voltage: 24 VDC. Current limit: fuseless, electronic, power-limited circuitry. Maximum signaling current per circuit: 3.0 amps. End-of-Line Resistor: 4.7K ohm, 1/2 watt (P/N 71252 UL listed) for NACs. Refer to Fire•Lite Device Compatibility Document for listed compatible devices.