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1, 2 and 4 loop, networkable, analogue addressable, fire alarm control panel

Product Overview

The Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized systems. All in all, a compact, high performance, feature rich, economical fire alarm control panel designed to help for both the installer and the end user. The DX Connexion brings the traditional Morley-IAS qualities of reliability, flexibility and value with advanced features and intuitive functionality. The DX Connexion range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time efficient fire panel on the market to install. Simply fix the control panel to the wall, connect the field wiring, power up and follow the on-screen prompts to get a working fire alarm system.Programming the control panel couldn’t be easier; it only takes four key presses to have a working fire alarm system. Text to identify the exact location of each field device can be quickly inserted from the panel’s mobile phone style keypad. Alternatively, with the use of the DX Connexion PC tools, text can be input or imported from an Excel document. All panel features and system cause and effect can be programmed via either the panels large LCD display or by using the Windows configuration tool.

Networking & Panel Features

  • Network up to 16 loops (16x1 loop panels, 8x2 loop panels, 4x4 loop panels or any mix up to max 16 loops)
  • Fault tolerant redundant ring network for high reliability
  • Optional 40 or 80 zone alarm LEDs
  • Easy 4 key-press set-up
  • Supports the USB PC upload/download lead
  • Mobile phone style keypad and navigation keys
  • Option to upload a company logo
  • Sensitivity adjustment e.g. between day and night
  • Input/output logic
  • Battery backed real-time clock (2 & 4 loop)

Hardware & Software Features

  • PC configuration software (supplied with panel)
  • 80 fire zones (can be used with or without LEDs)
  • 7 day timers
  • Event logging
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Class change function
  • Coincidence and verification detection for false alarm management
  • 2 x onboard monitored inputs
  • Optional programmable keyswitch for select functions
  • Plug-in connectors
  • 2 independent sounder circuits
  • 500mA Universal Loop Driver


Mechanical DXc1 DXc2
Dimensions [mm] (H x W x D) 260 x 390 x 147 391.5 x 390 x 147
Weight (Excluding Batteries) 4kg 4.5kg
Colour RAL 9002 - Grey white RAL 9002 - Grey white
Mounting Holes 3 3
Knockouts (20mm) Top: 25xBottom: 2x Top: 25x Bottom: 4x
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C 0°C to +40°C
Relative Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
IP30 (EN6059)
5% - 95% non-condensing IP30 (EN6059)


Electrical DXc1 DXc2
Operating Voltage 230V AC (+15%,-15%) 50-60 Hz 230V AC (+15%,-15%) 50-60 Hz
PSU Rating 24V DC 2A 24V DC 4A
Stand-by Batteries 2 x 7Ah 2 x 17Ah
Stand-by Battery Duration Stand alone: 24 hours Stand alone: 48 hours
Auxilliary Output +24V DC 250mA fused +24V DC 250mA fused
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C 0°C to +40°C
Relative Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
IP30 (EN6059)
5% - 95% non-condensing IP30 (EN6059)