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EVACLITE : 8 Zone Voice Alarm controller with built-in USB, MP3, AM/FM player and 8 zone paging station

Product description

EVACLITE is a cost effective solution for requirements less that 8 loudspeaker circuits(zones). The unit has 1 emergency input and 8 loudspeaker circuits (zones). The unit also can store and play pre recorded emergency messages to alert or evacuate the fire zones. Activation of pre-recorded emergency audio files broadcasting will suspend all low priority operations such as background music or commercial announcements. The Emergency Voice alarm system must be capable of broadcasting clear messages to lead occupants to a safe area as per the building design. For achieving the same, high quality audio broadcasts with sequential automated and/or manual operations are required

Key Features

  • 8 Zone voice alarm controller
  • 8 Zone Paging system with pre-recorded messages for voice evacuation
  • Adopts LCD screen for easy operation
  • Simple integration with Fire Alarm Panels to activate EVAC/ALERT pre-recorded messages.
  • Built-in MP3 (USB) and FM/AM functions
  • Built-in loudspeaker for performing broadcast monitoring, with special monitoring volume control
  • 1 microphone input, provides mix and emergency paging output modes.
  • 1 line input
  • Provides 8 broadcast zone output function, the peak power of each zone is 400W, and the total power of the all 8 zones is 1000W
  • 1 alarm activation input
  • 19” 2U rack mount type

EVACLITE includes 2 components: 1. Local control Panel 2. Paging station

The Local Control Panel is a 8 speaker circuit digital voice alarm controller which includes a digital signal processor, audio storage for pre-recorded messages, and control, fire alarm input, loudspeaker output connection terminals and audio source connection ports for auxiliary inputs. The Local Control panel is the interface between field devices such as loudspeakers and local audio sources
Emergency Voice Alarm – General Description Emergency Voice alarm systems shall be installed in public places based on the norms released by the international and local authorities having jurisdiction. Public places may be high-rise buildings with commercial or residential use, shopping malls, subway stations, train stations, hospitals, schools etc. The prime objective of the system shall be to broadcast evacuation or alert messages to all the zones, in the event of an emergency. The system also should be able to receive information from Fire Alarm Panels, and play automated messages in order to ensure the safe evacuation of people.

Product Specifications

Parameter Value
Line Input 10K Ohms 775mV, unbalanced
Microphone Input 600 Ohms 10mV, unbalanced
Remote Paging Microphone with zone selection Signal Input frequency : 100Hz~10KHz
Signal Input Sensitivity : 5V RMS
Communication : RS485 mode
Transmission distance : 300m
Line Output 775mV
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
Total Harmonic
0.01% at 1kHz
Unbalanced Link-In >70 dB
Alarm Activation Input 0V Short Circuit Signal
Timing Activation Input 0V Short Circuit Signal
Alarm Activation Output 0V Short Circuit Signal
Power Output Capability 5A
Constant Voltage Input 100V, 70V
Subarea Channel Power ≤400W(single channel, Total power≤1000W)
Frequency Range FM : 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
AM : 531KHz ~ 1710KHz
Power Supply Voltage AC 220V ± 10% 50/50Hz
Rated Power 20W
Packing Dimension (W×H×D) 540 X 577 X 250 mm
Gross Weight 10.6Kg

Ordering Details

a. Model Number : EVACLITE PKG
b. Package Contents
No. Item Quantity
1 EVACLITE Controller 1
2 Remote Paging Microphone 1
3 Cat 5 Cable 1
4 75 Ω Telescopic Antenna 1
5 USB Stick 1
6 Power Cable 1
7 User Manual 1